Road Accidents In Vientiane

Road accidents in Laos usually involve a motorbike because there's so many of them on the road. Often two motorbikes collide each other, or a motorbike colliding with a car or other bigger vehicles. Even though there are many injuries as a result of motor accidents, it is rare for people to die in Laos which is surprising considering that most people don't wear a helmet on motorbikes and seat belts in cars.

Small animals such as dogs, cats and chickens get run over all the time by traffic because the animals roam on the roads especially in the early hours and late in the day when it's alittle dark and the visibility of motorists is not clear.

The pictures below are two accidents that we took near our place, Dongpalane road is one of the busiest roads in Vientiane and speed limit is not enforced but drivers are usually careful.

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