Thatkhao Primary And Lower Secondary School In Vientiane

We visited the Thatkhao Primary And Lower Secondary School in Vientiane to meet some of the teachers and students. Some of the classrooms here are new and were funded by the Japanese. There is only one male teacher at this school, the rest are all young ladies in their mid 20's and early 30's. They earn around 300,000 kips ($30 US) per month, that's not really alot of money but they survive.

The dress code for students at all schools and universities in Laos is a white shirt, guys wear black pants and girls need to wear dark sinh (Lao skirt). Any footwear such as runners, sandles or thongs are all acceptable.

Teachers and students in Laos have two hours off in the afternoon so they have time to go home and have lunch. Those who live too far from their school can stay and have their break in the school ground, there is a restaurant at this primary school and they sell noodles.

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