Mount Phousi In Luang Prabang

A large hill called Mount Phousi dominates Luang Prabang's skyline, topped by a glittering golden stupa called That Phousi. You have to climb 328 zig zag steps to the sacred gilled stupa and big drum of Phousi Temple.

On top of the mountain, you can see a beautiful view of Luang Prabang city, the Royal Palace and the Nam Khan river which joins the mighty Mekong river. It was here in 1353, that King Fa Ngum founded the Kingdom of Lan Xang, the land of a million elephants.

To go up Mount Phousi, it only costs 10,000 kips (US $1) for a foreigner and 2,000 kips (US 20 cents) for Lao people.

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