Buddha Park In Vientiane

Buddha Park is a theme park around 20km from the city of Vientiane, where the main attraction is the giant pumpkin-shaped concrete in the middle of the park. Its interior consists of 3 levels which represent hell, earth and heaven. It was designed to make it easy to go down the stairs (meaning it's easy to go to hell), and harder to go up the stairs (meaning it's hard to go to heaven).

A climb up to the top of the concrete pumpkin gives a good view of the whole park, containing lots of concrete statues depicting deep-rooted images from Buddhist and non-Buddhist iconography.

The park was built in 1958 and is dominated by a gigantic reclining Buddha, you can also see the Mekong River which is only a short distance away from the park. Due to the parks distance from Vientiane city, tourists are unaware of its existence and most of the visitors that we usually see are mainly local Lao people and buddhist monks.

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